The Team

Robert Matthews

Founder & Director


When  we think of Tasmanian hairdressers one of the first names that springs to mind is Robert Matthews as he is one of the gurus of this industry.  Robert's motto is when you love what you do success just comes naturally which is how he has built a very successful and fulfilling career.  With his talent and creative mind he has won countless amount of awards over the years in not only Tasmania but in national hair competitions too.

Opening Convict Cutters 25 years ago Rob had a vision and a goal of being one of the best salons in not only Launceston but in the whole of the state.  It is fair to say this has been well and truly achieved measured by the recognition of Convict Cutters received state wide.  Rob has created an awesome environment and culture at Convict Cutters not only for his employees but for our clientele as well.

There is no doubt that Rob could style hair with his eyes closed, but there is more to Rob than just hair, outside of work this is what he's all about;

Windsurfing - He tells us he can handle the biggest swells but we are all a bit concerned for those poor old bones.

Gym -  As Red Foo would say, "I work out"!!!

Jokes - Epic "dad jokes".

Being a Dad - Being a great Dad to his two gorgeous boys, playing with them and watching them play sport and spending as much time with them as possible.

Georgina Limb


Meet Georgina or GG as we call her, she's the "pretty" Director of Convict Cutters and I know she will kill me for writing that.  Georgina is not only a pretty face but a smart, classy lady and an extremely talented hairdresser.  Although she is a very busy lady running and managing the salon her laid back easy going nature appears to make it all look effortless.  Looking from the outside it may seem as though Rob is "the boss", truth is this quiet achiever calls the shots.

Georgina's interests away from the salon are traveling the world with a goal of seeing as many different countries as possible.  Her favourite pastime is hanging out with family and friends enjoying good food and bubbles.

George's most recent adventures have had her working as an ambassador for KMS and styling hair for Oyster magazine in Sydney. Always striving for perfection she's passionate about running the business side of Convict Cutters and keeping it progressive.

Louise Churchill

Trainer and Assessor

You may or may not of met Louise, she's always out and about visiting other salons assessing and educating apprentices around Launceston as well as the north east and north west coast for Convict education.  It is a role that Louise is very passionate about and after 35 years in this industry is still finding it exciting and fun.

Interesting fact, Louise was the one to originally employee Rob as an apprentice teaching him her skills which built his foundations to become an amazing hairdresser.  It's so lovely to have Louise as part of our team, her loving and kind nature makes her the perfect person to help train and educate our future hairdressers.

Being the head trainer and assessor for Convict Education is a busy but very rewarding role, one which Louise says gives her great pride.

Germaine Shirley


Many of you may recognize Germaine from doing your hair! In the past she used to work with us as a Senior Hairdresser before packing up her family and moving to the mainland. She's now back and has jumped into the position as front desk receptionist.

Her warming nature greets you at the door on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Fridays. You may even have the privldge of her washing your hair!

Germaine takes care of all reception duties ensuring the salon is operating in an effective and efficient manner, along with being creative with our on line marketing. 

Reception, assisting in the salon and delivering a high standard of customer service are the other aspects of Germaine's position.

Clare Dornauf

Principle Stylist


CATS!!! She loves cats, especially her ragdoll and second man "Princeton", (actually make that first man)!!!  Clare loves the most expensive things ie. jewellery, clothing, holidays and anything "Bling"!!!

Goes without saying, "LOVES TO SHOP" and is addicted to fashion so much so she attended and styled hair for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney 2014 and was in ore when meeting "Rube-Rose".  PS "Ruby-Rose" told her Princeton was very cute!!!

Oh.....and she also does awesome hair with experience presenting on stage at hair expo and at home in Launceston for Goldwell as well as assisted on shoots for oyster magazine, not to mention hair awards locally and nationally for photo shoots and styling.

We love our Clare and you definitely will too!!!

Jessica Cramp

Principle Stylist


Some would say Jess is the "pocket rocket" of the salon and is knee high to a grass hopper!!!  Once you meet her you won't forget her as she's entertaining.

You will definitely get your moneys worth if you book with her as she is a great hairdresser and a great entertainer.  Always coming out with some random conversations and has a vocabulary of very old saying that will probably leave you thinking "did she just say that"!!!

Jess has a funny fashion sense always surprising us with random get ups, but when it comes to a trendy new do for a client she's all over it!!!

Her hobbies are pole dancing and apparently she is very good at it, her two dogs and her man, in that order. much fun with Jess!!!


 Zoe Beatty

Principle Stylist

Zoe joined our Convict family in September 2015 and with over 21 years experience in the Hairdressing industry its fair to say she has gained a high and very loyal clientele! Her bubbly personality allows her clients to be open and trustworthy with what ever creation Zoe likes to achieve!!

Zoe's wide range of knowledge and experience definitely shows in her work as each and every style she creates, clients leave wanting to return time and time again.

You can catch Zoe here from Wednesday through to Saturdays!!

Shantelle Mills

Senior Stylist


Well...what...can...I...say...about...Shantelle? She is quiet a sloooow mover but always gets the job done. A little nickname she has inherited is “Crunchie”, dark on the outside and blonde in the middle. Still believing to this day that “Greek” is a country and wondering why we are still laughing!!

You can’t help but love her with her friendly, sincere, innocent nature and never has a bad word to say about anybody.......except maybe me after she reads this.

Shantelle shows natural talent and passion for this industry which was evident from day 1 in her training, creating an awesome blow dry. She also shows creativity in her hair-up styles displaying a keen eye for detail,

I should mention she has also become a culinary goddess having mastered spaghetti bolognaise as she has just moved out of home and is ready to take on the world!!!


 Courtney Jones




Courtney is now currently in her third year of her apprenticeship. Some might say she is a bit of a hippy but she doesn’t like to be described that way so we will call her a “free spirit”.

What we know about her so far is that she spends most of her spare time hanging out with her main man “Hugo”, her fluffy ragdoll cat, tending to her veggie patch and skipping off to the wilderness, oh I mean the beach at any chance she gets.

On a more serious note Courtney has lots of experience in hospitality and when you come in to the salon you will experience the best customer service ever. Courtney is the most obliging, lovely girl with a HUGE passion for this industry and can give warm hugs just by her presence in the room.


 Hannah Adams



Hannah is currently serving her 2nd year of her Apprenticeship and so far is loving it! A big part of hairdressing is being able to talk openly and confidently with people, and lets just say Hannah is in her element! The girl loves a chat!!

When she's not trying to draw a breath at work Hannah's ultimate favorite thing to do is hanging out at the beach. She likes people to think that she is all glam, and looking at her no one would pick other but this girl is a tom boy at heart!

Caitlin Quinn




Caitlin is our newest addition to the Convict family!! Being fresh out of college we just can't wait to lead her astray and really show her how to party, oh I mean show her how to become the best hairdresser!!

Aside from training to be a party animal Caitlin has already completed her Certificate II in Hairdressing so is ready and waiting to give the most amazing head massages to you all!!